Art-Western, the art studio under Neo asien

Art-Western, we transform the western art to China

Art-Western Studio is a non-profitable workforce. We gather the knowledge and the insights of western art and transform them into Chinese. Our content not only covers a very wide rage of western art, also, more importantly, delivers our aesthetics. The founders of art-western are the art scholars and the active artists in Germany and China.

Art-Western devotes ourselves building up the knowledge base of introducing western art in Chinese.

More than 100,000 followers

Art-Western has over 100,000 followers on Weibo, the chinese version of Tritter.

intensive contact with European art elites

Art-Western has interviewed Prof.Dr.Hermann Parzinger, the director of Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Dr. Reinhard Spieler, the director of Sprengel Museum Hannover, Dr. Marko Daniel, the director of Fundacio Joan Miro, Ms. Birgit Maria Sturm, the director of BVDG, et al.

more than 1 million reading times

The series articles, such as “The history of German Porcelain”, “How to read Greece Vase”, “Ten year of darkness – German Morden Art in 1930s”, have been read over 1 million times by Chinese.

Top resources in art communities in China

Art-Western Studio is the Special Correspondent in Europe of ArtChina, the most important and influencial art media in China which belongs to the State Council Information Office of China. 

the independent art media with best knowledge of internet and social media in China

Art-western plus chinese social media