Due Diligence

Getting known with your target marketing means a lot for the consulation for Asian market. A decent due diligence will start from by desk work and paper study, then comes to onsite studies. It is extermly important to interviews with the local industrial experts and the end customers.

How we help clients

We have helped numerous clients from FMCGs and industrial sector across China and other asian countries. Our team helps our clients starting from validating ideas to develop strategies and support in implementing it.

Market assessment

Before plunging into a new market or launching a new product, conducting a market assessment is essential. In order to determine if the opportunities available in the new or existing market, market assessment is decisive of the consulation for Asian market. 

A well executed assessment of the market – customers, competitors, industry- empower companies to decide where to allocate the available resources and how to seize the identified market opportunities.

How we help clients

Combining our market research and analytics expertise, we conduct a comprehensive market assessment of client’s products or services in target countries in Asia.

Industry expertise in China

without a local team consisting of experts in the industrial fields, it is difficult to dig into the reality of the industry and make the right business decision. Neo Asien has over 15 years professional experience in FMCGs, renewable energy, cleantech, industrial efficiency technologies and environment production technologies in China.

How we help clients

Combining our industrial experise and network with the decision-makers and the influencers, we help our clients foreseen the oppertunities and get ahead before their competitors in Chinese market.



Book “On the way – Green Development of Luneng Group (100% daughter company of State Grid Corporation of China)”, author of the chapter of green energy, written in English and Chinese

ESCO project investment analysis, governmental subsidy polices for energy savings, and Energy Efficiency Solution Business Concept for Chinese Industrial Market. Funded by the Foreign Ministry of Finland.

One of the first inter-government funded GHG emission reduction project portfolio consisting 12 renewable energy projects in South Africa and China. Funded by Foreign Ministry of Finnland.


Asia is different from the one on newspaper or TV.