Marketing Strategy

The success of any product depends on how innovative is its marketing strategy and effective implementation of it. However, in today’s competitive environment, marketers need to adopt a data driven approach for developing and implementing such innovative marketing strategies. Determining the right customers to target, positioning and marketing mix – product, price, distribution, promotion – based on meaningful data and customer insights not only meets the customer needs but also ensure the business growth.

How we help clients

Our marketing strategy consultants optimize client’s existing or develop new marketing strategies that meet customer needs better than competitors and develop long-term profitable relationships with those customers.

online marketing

Digital marketing has become an Integral part of an overall marketing strategy in today’s digital world. However, with the rapid change of digital technology and the rise of digital channels, marketers are facing challenges to choose and optimize a right mix of digital marketing channels that can not only drive the quality traffic and leads but proving the digital marketing ROI.

How we help clients

Our digital marketing consultants help clients overcome those challenges by developing digital marketing strategy, implementing it and tracking the performance to maximize digital marketing ROI.

Social media marketing

Because of the social, culture, language and legal difference between the western and asian, the customers and the end-users in asian might use wechat and LINE instead of whatsup and facebook, use Douyin instead of Tiktok, use RED instead of Instagram, use Weibo instead of Tritter.

How we help clients

Our social media consultants help clients, especially the FMCG clients who just start its asian business, to indenfity the most suitable social media platforms and design the marketing campaign with the supports of our know-how and KOL resources. 

Social media commerce

E-commerce + Social Media? Yes, the combination of E-commerce and social media promotion brings the clients the exciting results. We work with hundreds of KOLs, each of which has strong and clear personal tags and has fans groups who have certain interests in the niche field.

Social media marketing won’t only cause you the cost, but will bring you the promising conversion ratio and direct sales.

How we help clients

Our team will help the clients identify the tags and user-orientated content for your featured products. With our know-how on the social media’s recommendation mechanism and experience on the big data of frequently searched key words, the posts by our collaborating KOLs will easily reach thousands of hundreds of potential users on social media platform.



establishing the scheme of Protected Area Friendly System and designing the MRV mechanism of Protected Area Friendly Products. Funded by Global Protected Area Friendly System.

Online marketing via social media and internet, Content management and PR management with traditional media, web-portal, KOLs and Vloggers

Establish distribution channels on E-commerce platforms in asian market, evaluation the governmental policies and legal requirements, protect trademarks and intellectual property in Asia. 


Asia is different from the one on newspaper or TV